Rexdale Alliance Church

Global Missions

Our commitment to Christ’s global mandate is enshrined in our mission statement that we exist to make disciples of many peoples.

The Scriptures make it very clear that God is always concerned about people from every nation in the world. Jesus commissioned his first followers to take the message of forgiveness of sins in His name to all nations. Our commitment to Christ’s global mandate is enshrined in our mission statement that we exist to make disciples of many peoples (a word that refers to every culturally and linguistically unique group in the world). We accomplish this mission in several ways:

  • All weekend worship services focus on the world for one month of every year in February. International workers, both those who have been sent out from and by our church (about 25 family units) and others share their heart and mind to inspire each one of us to either go as international workers or partner with them by praying for them; giving generously towards their support; and by continually refreshing and encouraging them through meaningful relationships with them, when they are here and on the field.
  • In addition, we feature our international workers in many weekend services throughout the year whenever they are home. We also have a steady stream of individuals who participate in short- term missions. We send them out with our prayers and hear from them when they return. This helps maintain our vision from one February to the next.
  • To facilitate the planning and administration of this effort, we have a standing missions team that meet regularly throughout the year.

National Missions Team (NMT): The mandate of the National Missions Team is to advocate for ministry workers who serve within Canada and are associated with RAC. We liaise between the workers and the congregation, informing the congregation of their ministry. We support our workers through regular prayer, posting of their newsletters, giving practical support and recommending them to RAC for financial support.
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The Mission Leadership Team (MLT) exists to serve the global Church, beginning within RAC, by connecting the Body to the worth of Christ and God’s global glory. We engage with world need, spiritual and physical, through the varied ministries of our international workers and through missional events held at Rexdale or in the GTA. The MLT is committed to the shepherding of short-term and long-term international workers through the process of identifying and clarifying their calling, preparation for going, their encouragement and well-being while overseas, especially in the case of the long term workers, and successful re-entry of all workers. We seek to do all we can to encourage all of God’s people at RAC toward joyful, risky obedience in hard places. Provoking the missional question “What will it take?” rather than “What can we spare?” is the fuel for all our RAC activity.
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