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Neighbourhood Connections Church

Church on Tuesday? Why not?!

Neighbourhood Connections Church is a unique worship experience for people from the community who don’t generally attend church and feel more comfortable in a relaxed setting outside a sanctuary.

Neighbourhood Connections Church offers a variety of programs and services: 
  • Haircutting Day is a day when free hair cut's are offered for those in the community. Offered the first Tuesday of each month 
  • The Clothing Closet is full of pre-loved clothing that individuals can help themselves to. It is open the second and fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Worship Service is held each Tuesday morning. Messages are presented in clear to understand language, intentionally avoiding Christian jargon. Messages focus on practical, daily application of the Bible to meet the needs of our culture and society.  Teachings focus on how Jesus can help you in a practical and realistic way with your daily needs and problems.
  • Lunch is served as part of the worship service.
  • Bread and Pastries are distributed every Tuesday immediately following the worship service.
  • Food Bank services are offered regularly. Groceries can be picked up on Tuesdays or on the third Saturday of each month.A person needs to register for the Food Bank by completing a“means” test to qualify. Documents necessary for verification are all explained on a guest’s first visit.
During the month of July, there is no Food Bank, Lunch, Haircutting Day or Clothing Closet. Worship Service and Bread will continue with light refreshments.
In August, the Food Bank and Lunch will resume. However, Haircutting Day or Clothing Closet will not resume until September. 

What is the time and location for the Tuesday gatherings? 
  • 11:15 to 1:00 in the Youth Centre of Rexdale Alliance Church. Entry is through the back door in the parking lot.

For more information, contact:
David Lewis
Telephone: 416-741-1110 ext. 2314

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