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Amy Vandekemp

Hey there I'm Amy or Chininah, my Uganda name, given to me by the "kids". I am 21 years old. For five and a half months, from September 2014 – February 2015 I traveled with the Asante Children's Choir.   

About Asante: Asante is a Christian organization stationed in Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda. Asante has several children's homes and with the help of sponsors, they take in kids who are in need of a safe environment. There is a need for many more kids to be sponsored. Asante trains kids who are skilled in dancing (many Africans are naturally gifted in dancing so they aren't too hard to find) and fly them with chaperones from the organization to the U.S.A, Europe, and now Canada.

Kevin Hamp
Kevin Hamp is married to Valerie and they have two children, Ellyn and James.

They serve with Youth for Christ Canada under the name Youth Unlimited in their Global Engagement division. Their mission is to reach young people everywhere, working together with local churches and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus.

Kevin provides care for Canadian staff that are serving internationally. He and Valerie are committed to "strengthening staff for resilient service," from launch through re-entry.

Kevin humbly says he and his wife are not Christian superstars, but followers of Jesus just like many of us.

In 2004, Kevin and Valerie had been serving with YFC for 3 years and, in the middle of a staff conference, he was asked "Are you living the dream God has for your life?" That question changed the trajectory of their lives.
Marilyn Cebula's Trip to Thailand
Moving from Rexdale's Faith Community to the Global Community

Hi, my name is Marilyn Cebula and I have been attending Rexdale Alliance Church for 5 years. My husband, Walter and I moved back to Toronto from New Jersey in the summer of 2009 due to his illness. Walter's passing away in January, 2010 was and remains the most difficult experience of my life and of my entire family. I recognize that so many others were deeply impacted as well including our New Jersey church family and friends in other places. I thank God for the faithfulness of everyone's supportive prayer and encouraging words.

With Walter's death came some abrupt and difficult changes – the loss of my life partner and friend and the end of full-time ministry – both roles which I truly loved and felt so secure in. I was left to discover what going on alone would look like. I knew that God still had a plan for my life but had no idea where to start.
Tribute to Rev. Ross Ingram

Rev. Ross Ingram, the founding pastor of Rexdale Alliance Church went to be with the Lord on December 30, 2014.  

A Memorial Service was held at Rexdale Alliance Church on January 3, 2015.   You can watch this service at:

Rosyln (Ross) Francis Ingram was born on November 13, 1930. At the age of 18, Ross committed his life to the Lord Jesus. He met the love of his life, Marjorie Ann Brewer and they married in 1950. Shortly thereafter, Ross enrolled at Wheaton College near Chicago.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Canada had purchased a one acre piece of land on Islington Ave, and gave Ross the assignment of planting Rexdale Alliance Church. The first Sunday, seven people were in attendance, five members of the Ingram family and two additional adults...

God's Amazing Grace and Goodness
Chang Oh
It is only by the grace of God that I can testify to you about God's goodness in my life.

My family and I immigrated to Canada (Calgary, Alberta) when I was three years old.

My earliest memories of my life are filled with pain and anger. When I was at a very young age, my father developed a mental disorder called "schizophrenia." He would hear strange voices that caused him to be unstable and violent. Most of this anger was directed toward my mother; however, this deeply impacted the whole family. Due to his illness, I did not receive the love and attention that a young boy needed from his earthly father. Very early on, I sought after this love and attention through my peers and as a result got into much trouble. I started to dabble with drugs and alcohol and eventually became very dependent....
I am a product of world missions.
Pastor Sunder Krishnan

I grew up in a very orthodox Hindu home in the city of New Delhi India. That city lay in the centre of a wide band of over 400 million (at that time) Hindi speaking people who like me, were almost entirely Hindu. I also belonged to the Brahmin caste, which was, and is to a large extent, considered to be occupying the top rung of the caste hierarchy. While our family was Hindu by birth and our home had the customary altar with pictures of the various gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology, there was no obvious or strong connection between the practice of our religious rituals and the many aspects of everyday life at home and work.