Rexdale Alliance Church

Purpose Statement & Core Values

Our Purpose
(Our reason for being)

“Connecting Rexdale to Jesus and His Mission.”

Our Core Values
(Standards we uphold)

God First: We live in response to God’s love.

Prayer: Our sovereign God is the source from which all effective ministry flows. Prayer is foundational for all ministry.

Scripture: God’s word is the final authority on all matters of faith and practice.

Community: Small groups and team work are the foundational strategy for life change and ministry.

Unity: We guard the unity of the spirit in humility, meekness and patience through the bond of peace.

Diversity: We treasure the God-given differences in the body of Christ.

Spiritual Gifts: Ministry is based on the spiritual gifts and fuelled by God-given passion.

Excellence: We do our very best with the resources God provides.

Process: We will not violate people in the interest of result.

Outward Focus: Lost people matter to God and to us.

Authentic Leadership: Leaders will live and govern transparently.