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RAC Reporter - February 2016

I was asked to share how I saw God speaking to me over Solemn Assembly. The message for me was clear, and I hope some of what I share will resonate with at least one of you.Sunday night We were challenged to use the manger as our measure. In preparation f

RAC Reporter - March 2015

The annual Rexmen’s winter retreat was held this year at Teen Ranch, a beautiful location in the Caledon Hills, only 45 minutes from Toronto. A record number of 60 men attended.

RAC Reporter - October 2014

Eyes of Men By Dan Buggie are those at jane and Finch more afraid of outsiders, than those outsiders are of jane & Finch? Or, put differently: can one group fear what has been done to it, while the other perhaps, what could be done to it?

RAC Reporter - April 2014

The Journey is the destination Submitted by Shyamala Krishnan, The “S” word: contentment with status quo Submitted by Melanie Gagnon, Love in Motion 2014 Submitted by Tim Hassanally, Taking a step of faith in Jesus Submitted by Anna Silcock

RAC Reporter - Sept 2013

WE’RE ALL ON A MISSION By Mélanie Gagnon, WAITING FOR GOD By Parul Oh & 2013 daycamp By Solange Werners.

RAC Reporter - May 2015

Now in its third year of ministry, the Moms Arise! program continues to meet every Wednesday morning with the goal of supporting moms from the Rexdale community to connect, grow and thrive. In this most recent series of workshops, “Managing my Money”, we

RAC Reporter - December 2014

the Bible portrays the devil as the father of lies. It is not surprising therefore that his fundamental strategy in his unrelenting warfare with god’s people, is deception. His opening gambit in the Bible was to deceive our first human ancestors by sugge

RAC Reporter - Aug 2014

From our Pastor's desk: The Fall Line-Up Every summer the various television networks begin to announce the new programs and series that they have lined up for the Fall. Not surprisingly they call this the Fall line-up'. Consider this newsletter as

RAC Reporter - Oct 2013

There’s something about church By Tiere Sharma, A Thankful Heart By Parul Oh, A Thankful Prayer By Linda Samulewicz, Life Group Testimony By Nick and Jen Hill & Service: YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU! Opportunities for service.

RAC Reporter - Apr 2013

Love like Jesus - Cambodia Missions Trip 2013, My trip to Cambodia Submitted by Clary Bijl & I called out to the Lord A poem by Parul Oh.
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